What Makes Legion Tick

It’s All About Your Happiness

I love what I do because I help people successfully complete largest financial transactions of their lives.

There’s just no better way to deliver happiness than to help people enhance their standard of living, build wealth and prepare for a comfortable retirement.

Owning real estate is at the heart of the American Dream.

Tell me your dream.

Together we will make it a reality, one home at a time.

Buy, Love, Sell… Repeat!

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Why I Am Better

Exceptional Customer Care

Most agents are transactional in their focus; wham, bam, thank you ma’am. They’re all about closing the deal and making a buck. Then they move on to the next transaction.

My focus is relational. What matters to me is that I build a long-term relationship of trust and respect with those whom I help buy and sell real estate. I am not happy unless I deliver happiness to my client-partners.

I’m a different kind of agent, and by different, think better.

You deserve better.

See why my clients LOVE me.

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What I Do

Knight In Shining Armor

I earn my living by successfully guiding my clients through the minefield that is buying and selling real estate.

Because a lot of money is at stake, real estate transactions are intrinsically complicated and many, many things can go wrong.

WHAT I AM  Counselor, Advocate, Negotiator and Problem Solver.

WHAT I DO  I help people achieve their dreams.

WHY I DO IT  The satisfaction that comes from helping people.

If I’m the type of agent you’re looking for then let’s talk!

What Is Your Home Worth?


The best agents make Comparable Market Analyses (CMAs) the right way; with copious notes detailing every room in a subject home, along with lots of supporting photographs.

That’s how I create my CMAs, and I bring that same high level of professionalism to all my work.

If you would like a free, quality CMA then let’s talk!

Once-A-Year Sale


List your home with me NOW, put it on the market ANYTIME in the future and SAVE THOUSANDS!

SAVE 25%*

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6% – Standard Sales Commission

4.5% – Winter Sale Commission

Offer valid from first day of winter until the last day of winter.

Legion Anders: Managing principal broker licensed to sell real estate in the states of Oregon and Washington.